Strategic and Operational Plans

Florida Asthma Plan 2019-2024

The intent of Florida’s Asthma Plan is to serve as a detailed blueprint for how efforts and resources can be combined to strengthen the collective capacity in Florida to lessen the burden of asthma and improve the quality of life for Floridians living with asthma. Providing comprehensive care requires a stepwise approach consisting of various segments, such as asthma control and management and providing or linking those affected to healthcare services. The 2019-2024 Florida Asthma Plan was written by members of the FAC in close collaboration with the Florida Department of Health and the Florida Asthma Program. The Florida Asthma Plan to addresses all necessary components of asthma care and management.

Florida Asthma Coalition Operational Plan

This annual plan defines priority activities and responsibilities to guide members in meeting objectives and goals defined in the State Asthma Plan (below). The document is also used to document the completion of activities by coalition workgroups.

These two reports show the final progress of the 2011 and 2012 Operational Plans.

Evaluation Plan

Evaluation of the FAC will support the development of Asthma Friendly Community environments through purposive engagement of stakeholders for planning, implementation, and feedback. Focused Coalition activities will be carried out at the local level with the leadership of a contracted facilitator who has recent experience implementing collaborative, community-based, health improvement projects. Each local partnership will comprise multi-disciplinary and multi sector representatives from a provider group (such as a Federally Qualified Health Center or private practice), school, hospital, pharmacy, local public health agency, and housing entity. Other partners the community deems beneficial will also be included; these will vary by location.