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Local Coalitions

The Florida Asthma Coalition and the local asthma coalitions work together to increase awareness about asthma, and implement programs and interventions to make positive impacts across the state. There are currently four local/regional asthma coalitions:

Community Asthma Partnership – Wolfson Children’s Hospital (CAPW)

The coalition is a consortium of healthcare providers, community-based organizations, business professionals, educators, public health officials, and concerned citizens working together to tackle asthma as a threat to community health and well-being. The coalition works to increase asthma awareness and education in Northeast Florida.

Tampa Bay Asthma Coalition (TBAC)

TBAC is a community-based voluntary health collaborative dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with asthma. Through education and outreach, the coalition helps to bring effective self-management to those with asthma, including efforts to reduce asthma triggers in the environment, thus reducing the burden of asthma and improving air quality for everyone.