Asthma-Friendly Primary Care Providers


The Florida Asthma Coalition (FAC) gives health care providers an opportunity to partner with local and state stakeholders to help reduce the statewide burden of asthma. By working together and taking the steps to be recognized as an Asthma-Friendly Provider, practices promote the use of an effective asthma management program that will allow patients to monitor and control their asthma.

In addition, evidence supports a decrease in unscheduled visits, as well a reduction in hospitalizations, emergency department visits and missed days of school and/or work for those patients who underwent comprehensive asthma self-management.

The Asthma-Friendly Provider recognition is awarded on four tier-levels and has a total of seven criteria for those aiming for Platinum recognition:


  1. Professional Development for Nurses and Respiratory Therapists on Asthma Management
  2. Professional Development for Physicians on Asthma Management
  3. Team-Based Approach

Silver (all above requirements, as well as)

      4. Asthma Action Plans

Gold (all above requirements, as well as)

      5. Self-Management Education

      6. Multi-Component Home Based Asthma Education

Platinum (all above requirements, as well as)

      7.  Implementing an Asthma Quality Improvement Process


View the Asthma-Friendly Provider Application

The last two pages of the application list resources for each criterion.


Recognized Asthma-Friendly Providers: