Florida Asthma-Friendly School Recognition

About the Florida Asthma-Friendly School Recognition

The Florida Asthma-Friendly School Recognition was developed to recognize public schools that meet criteria for excellence in asthma management. These are schools where administrators, staff, nurses, faculty, families, and clinical partners are working together to help students with asthma properly manage their disease. Recognized schools enjoy a healthier student body and opportunities to show off their school’s success through local and state media opportunities.

Criteria & Recognition Levels

Recognition is offered at four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Review the Asthma-Friendly School application and implement criteria for the desired recognition level.


  • Criterion 1: Asthma Leadership Team Established
  • Criterion 2: Professional Development for Faculty and Staff - ALA's Asthma Basics
  • Criterion 3: Access to Medications
  • Criterion 4: Student Centered Asthma Support - Asthma Action Plans and Asthma Action
    Plan Policy
  • Criterion 5: Asthma Awareness: Posters "Steps to Follow for an Asthma Episode" and
    "Healthy Air Walkthrough - Classroom" and elementary school video "What is Asthma?"
  • Criterion 6: Physical Education & Activity Opportunities for Students with Asthma -

 Silver: All of the above and…

  • Criterion 7: Asthma Self-Management Education (ASME) provided to students with
    asthma - ALA' Open Airways for Schools" and "Asthma Basics"
  • Criterion 8: Asthma Education for Parents & Caregivers: ALA's "Asthma Basics"

Gold: All of the above and…

  • Criterion 9: Healthy Schools Environment & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Program: "EPA's Tools
    for Schools Action Kit"

Platinum: All of the above and…

  • Criterion 10: Comprehensive Asthma Policy and District Level Tobacco Free Schools

Florida Asthma-Friendly School Application Materials

If you are interested and want more infromation about the process, please complete the interest form below and send it to the Asthma-Friendly School Mentor assigned to your area. Print and/or read through the application guide carefully before completing and submitting the application packet.

Applications for the 2016-2017 school year are due by May 19, 2017.

Resources for Successfully Completing the Asthma-Friendly School Award Application

Need for Asthma-Friendly Schools

The number of school aged children with asthma is on the rise in Florida and across the nation.  Schools are increasingly burdened by the poor outcomes resulting from the disease, namely increased absenteeism, decreased academic performance, and limitations on participation in physical activity.  The recently released fact sheet from the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) Asthma Program, Asthma in School-Aged Children, Florida 2014, provides recent data on the impact of asthma on Florida students.