Learning and Action Networks (LANs)

LANs are mechanisms by which large scale improvement around a given aim is fostered, studied, adapted and rapidly spread. LANs are similar to “Communities of Practice” in that they promote learning among peer practitioners, but differ in that they focus on a specific improvement initiative, in this case delivery of and reimbursement for comprehensive asthma management. FDOH’s Asthma LANs will convene leaders in sector specific groups through a phased approach. During the first year of funding, FDOH proposes to establish a two LANs, one for Managed Care Organizations including those working under Medicaid & Kid Care, and one for providers, including Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). In future funding years, LANs will be established for pharmacists, hospitals, and public housing groups to promote coverage for and utilization of comprehensive asthma control services.

All LANs will be carried out in partnership with the professional organizations and related umbrella organizations (i.e. Medicaid and FL Healthy Kids) serving each sector. A minimum of three webinars will be offered each year for each LAN. On-line forums or other means of communication will also be established based on the needs of participants. LANs will be facilitated by a contracted entity with extensive and recent experience managing such projects. The facilitators will become familiar with best practices that successes can be showcased statewide. Topics will be driven by participant interests and include: sector specific business case findings, performance and quality improvement, public health / health care system linkages, use of decision support tools, use of electronic health records for care coordination, and other issues related to the provision and reimbursement for evidence-based, comprehensive asthma control services.